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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sabiyha – ‘Wolf’

Sabiyha’s new single ‘Wolf,’ taken from her upcoming debut EP Hollow Bones, is a remarkable piece of storytelling and an ode to the folklore roots that have inspired the London-based musician to take her music out of her bedroom and into the studio.

Sabiyha explains: “The song tells the story of a young female wolf and the moon. The moon falls from the sky and the wolf is left in darkness, losing her pack and being forced to survive the dark by herself. The stars ask the wolf to help find the moon, and in return they offer her the howl of a thousand wolves. The wolf eventually finds the moon stuck under a frozen lake. With the howl of a thousand wolves she breaks the ice and sets the moon free, returning to her pack who once called her child.”

This is the story she sings, she howls and laments, and that is held and sustained by Andrew Davis James’ excellent production which, like the gold frame that surrounds the Mona Lisa, succeeds in its going unnoticed and helping the song bloom freely. Her voice is organic and brutal (that’s really the word that describes it) and the bond between artist and producer is almost palpable, a pact where both parts have understood their role and where it is that they need to merge.

The symbolism in ‘Wolf’ reflects the time of growth from teenage years into adulthood; in other words, the ‘rational education’ that life teaches us eventually. It reflects the same dismay and sorrow that led to Romanticism—and the setting in ‘Wolf’ is truly Romantic: wild animals and a starry night—and that caused the birth of now-beloved fictional characters such as Werther or Frankenstein.

Sabiyha, however, understands that the blindness in her story, a powerful motif that never grows old in art, is here inflicted by external facts and not self-imposed like Oedipus’ or King Lear’s; and the subsequent recovery of vision is accomplished by the wolf’s courage to find the moon again; in other words, the teenager’s courage to find meaning again.

Aside from these literary comparisons, it is fair to say that the musical force in Sabiyha’s latest release goes a long way to challenging what’s expected from a new artist. We are adding Sabiyha to our ones-to-watch list for this 2018 and are already impatiently waiting for her upcoming EP ‘Hollow Bones.’

The new single ‘Wolf’ is available to purchase on iTunes here.

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