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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Opera Comic – ‘Bright Young People’

The Opera Comic’s first release of 2018, ‘Bright Young People’ is a freshly cordial invitation of escapade to their world of difference and delight.

Built on a pre-established sound of orchestrated commodiousness, The Opera Comic utilise ‘Bright Young People’ to rework their trademark eccentricities into a furtherly capacious creation, gap-plugging their already kaleidoscopic sound into more progressive sensations.

Synchronising spirals and swirls to demand the door open, the quintet tilt verses to and fro with treble-displays of colour and flush, as we return to their Dahl-cast world of jocular wonder-pop.

Luke Thompson (vocals) tells tales of a world that I’d give up mine to find, caught dreaming the liberties of adolescent imagination in a cogent urge to join the “bright young people,” all the while begging a youth’s existentialist questions of theism and fatality.

It’s true that ‘all the best are on the run.’

Choruses exhibit these freedoms through lurching drums and fanfared keyboard, before Mitch Thompson’s guitar-work launches a middle-eight flight to destination unknown.

With ‘Bright Young People’, The Opera Comic parcel picture and sound to give convention a taste of its own lemon-sweet medicine, using guitar-pop typicality to measure an invention that casts others into artistic insignificance.

The new single ‘Bright Young People’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here.

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