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TRACK OF THE DAY: Tom Anderson – ‘Stranger At The Door’

Stranger at the Door’ is the stunning debut single from Liverpool based singer-songwriter Tom Anderson. A beautiful blend of delicate vocals, glistening synths and powerful lyrics, all encapsulated in an alt-pop anthem to compete with the likes of The 1975 and Bastille.

Ambiguous vocal samples lead the opening of this track, leaving a high benchmark for the verse. Confident yet humble, the verse kicks in with a lovely, sweet vocal melody that’s tenderly exposed, laid bare by a stripped back arrangement. The subtle use of guitar makes the track feel human and merges beautifully with the underlying synths, making for a hugely atmospheric mix in the production.

The chorus hits as an understated yet monumental occasion, with an unbelievably memorable lyric and vocal melody which haunts around in the back of the mind long, long after its brief display. The song taps into a great depth of emotion that shows a very exposed moment for Anderson, the trials and tribulations of love and all its nasty affairs. It’s a beautiful, discernible observation of it, which resonates beautifully with the tone of the song and makes for an easy listen. Something that’s not too hard on the ears but still challenges you in all the right places.

‘Stranger at the Door’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here.

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