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2017 has seen alternative-pop group CHILDCARE release their debut EP ‘Made Simple,’ complete their first UK headline tour, and drop many delightful singles, including latest gem – ‘Put Down Your Pen’.

So to say they’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement, but in the midst of all of this, we were lucky enough to grab a few moments of the band’s time whilst they answered the following questions.

You’re currently on your first headlining tour as Childcare, how does it feel?

Ed Cares: Just delicious, we’re having a really fun time. And I’m definitely answering this whilst still on tour, not after having forgotten to do it.

The name of the tour, ‘Gemini. Albatross. Alright?,’ is quite quirky, how did you come up with it? Is there some deeper meaning behind the title?

EC: Very, very deep but I won’t be giving its meaning away, you need to read our lyrics carefully. Rich Legate (guitars) came up with it.

You all seem quite a cool and fun bunch of people, who is the main joker of the band?

EC: I’m easily the funniest and best looking.

Where did the name ‘Childcare’ come from?

EC: I used to be a nanny when I started the band.

I know the video for ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up As You)’ was the first and only video you’ve released so far – what was it like to make and can we expect any videos for any of the other previously released songs?

EC: It was hard work! 5am ’til 2am! No, not minus 3 hours long, 21 hours long! We’ll do another video for our next song at the start of next year and we’ll put out a live version of ‘Put Down Your Pen’ that we recorded at our gig soon.

You supported Bastille last year and they have quite a large fan base, what was it like touring with them?

EC: Really fun. Big crowds. Great catering.

Can you tell me a little bit on how Childcare originated?

EC: I was nannying and writing songs and Katie who was six at the time told me to start a band.

Now for a random question: Christmas is coming up, so do you have a must-watch Christmas movie and if so what is it?

EC: The Exorcist.

Obviously there are four of you in the band – do you all play a part when it comes to writing, and if so, do you base a lot of your songs on experiences you’ve had in life?

EC: I write the skeleton of the song based on my thoughts and experiences and then we flesh them out and work on parts together.

Lastly, you released your EP ‘Made Simple’ earlier this year, can we expect another release in the New Year? Maybe even an album? What are the release plans going ahead?

EC: Another single at the start of next year, then an EP around Easter. Starting to think about an album but we’re not there yet.

The latest single, ‘Put Down Your Pen,’ from CHILDCARE is out now via Elephant Records – and is available on iTunes here.

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