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TRACK OF THE DAY: Megan Dixon Hood – ‘Alias Grace’

After hearing a stripped back, live version of Megan Dixon Hood’s new single ‘Alias Grace’ at the Castle Hotel a few weeks ago, I was unsure how the studio version could possibly compete with the fragility and beauty of the solo piano performance. However it just goes to show the skill and versatility of the Cheshire-based songwriter. The track captures all the satisfaction and charm of pop rock whilst maintaining the lyrical integrity of the folk genre.

Based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same title, she takes on the perspective of the main character Grace Marks, exploring themes of inner beasts and playing on the dark undertones of the historical fiction: “The tone is somewhat sarcastic, as she invites the listener to ‘step into’ her skin, to see for themselves what her life is really like and make their judgements that way,” Dixon Hood explains in a press release.

With staccato guitar riffs and descending piano lines building tension throughout the carefully woven narrative, Dixon Hood’s vocals flourish into ethereal falsetto recalling the likes of early Kate Bush and creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

‘Alias Grace’ sees Megan Dixon Hood delving into a more alternative and experimental sound than her previous material and anticipates the release of her next EP in the new year.

The new single ‘Alias Grace’ is out now via PoppaBubbleHead Records – available on iTunes here.

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