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TRACK OF THE DAY: Janileigh Cohen – ‘Same Old Road’

North West singer/songwriter Janileigh Cohen delights us with her new single ‘Same Old Road’ – an effortless portrait of poignancy.

‘Same Old Road’ is a moving reflection on time and the inexorable cycle of life. Cohen says: “During the time I composed this song, I was not putting my music online or playing live so it was a song for myself to let out how I was feeling.” This is reflected in the delicate and intimate way she takes care of this grandiose subject matter, and even though the song feels like an old classic from its very first notes—the lyrics, in fact, could have been taken out of Joni Mitchell’s verses—it also conveys a sense of contemporaneity through a sparse yet complete and modern production, which hints at current artists such as Ólafur Arnalds and Damien Rice.

What is most captivating in this song is Cohen’s voice: apart from its roaring, beautiful tone and the composed way each note is delivered, one can hear the strength of maturity in young age; the self-composed personality of a songwriter having a conversation with life; a young woman putting down her raw sensibility in a song.

Janileigh has honed her craft busking in her Northern hometown and around Europe, along with performing at open-mic nights. It must be a pleasure hearing this artist performing live.

The new single ‘Sam Old Road’ is out now via Funnel Music – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Find Janileigh Cohen on Facebook and Twitter.

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