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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bryde – ‘Desire’

As an outlet for creativity and expression, Bryde has been the perfect front for London-based musician Sarah Howells. Ever since launching with debut track ‘Wait,’ Howells’ music has continued to embody the might of her talent and a magnitude of human emotion. Going forward into the next thrilling chapter of Bryde, ‘Desire’ leads the new contingent.

A song of surprising variance; opening into a stop/start verse which confronts the many faces of desire, taking the role of purveyor and of the observed. To choruses that breakout and expose the destructive behaviour, nourished by a backing of blustering guitar and drum action. As Bryde’s universe increasingly begins to focus on the broader scoping of full band dynamics, the studio recordings are given all the more freedom to explore, ‘Desire’ articulates this widening vision more assuredly than anything released previously.

Lurching furiously with conviction, the track makes the most of its three instruments to bring home a subject so seemingly casual, but oh-so dangerous. Howells expands on the track’s themes, explaining that: “‘Desire’ is about lust, our need for instant gratification, about desire’s addictive qualities and how they can make us behave. I was inspired both by the way people have treated me and how I’ve treated others and how I’ve become unrecognisable to myself in the past just to appeal to this side of someone else’s personality.”

The new single ‘Desire’ is out now via Seahorse Music – arriving ahead of the debut album slated for release in the Spring of 2018.

Upcoming Bryde Live Dates:

20th November – The Lexington, London (with John Joseph Brill)
21st November – Studio 672, Cologne (with John Joseph Brill)
22nd November – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg (with John Joseph Brill)
23rd November – Privatclub, Berlin (with John Joseph Brill)
27th November – Zurich (Blue Balls Presents with L.A. Salami)
12th December – London (Huw Stephens, Radio 1 Presents)

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