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TRACK OF THE DAY: Liam McClair – ‘We Should Talk’

Known for his emotively-sincere songwriting, Wilmslow artist Liam McClair returns with his most upbeat track to date, and also his most important. ‘We Should Talk’ – a collaboration with award-winning producer Andy Ross, and a song which intends to raise awareness of serious issues (all proceeds raised by the single will be donated to suicide prevention charity CALM).

‘We Should Talk’ centres on how we experience emotions and how we sometimes mask our feelings from the people closest to us, McClair writes openly encouraging the thought of vocalising those feelings, to face our fears and ‘open up’. The melody is head-boppingly cheerful, induced by shimmying percussive beats and rhythmic thrills of voice – it’s fair to say that the track could easily inspire you to get up and release some tension by having a good old boogie.

Whilst admirably joyous, the lyrical subjects are firmly anchored on the ground, as McClair explains: “As I was singing this song from gig to gig when I played acoustic, I found myself almost telling myself through the lyrics how to deal with my issues and how I can get over any problem I have through talking it through. It became almost a cathartic therapy and when performing it live people seem to get hooked on the chorus more than they have with any other song.”

‘We Should Talk’ delivers on its honest plea and proves so easily palatable through its high-spirited rockabilly. A song not just for your playlists, but one for life.

‘We Should Talk’ is out now via Run & Hide Records – and available on iTunes here.

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