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TRACK OF THE DAY: Maisie Johnson – ‘Start Again’

Maisie Johnson’s latest single ‘Start Again’ keeps an alt-rock animal locked to a popified chain, as blues beats keep rhythm shuffling from side to side, sedating the track to a poison-power sway.

The indie-rocking songstress loops lyrical reflection over riff-driven energy, as her sliding voice ties lows to highs with chilling ease, and questions take answers to dystopian places.

Passive, but potent verses shock fuzz-riffed animalism into stylish shimmies, uncaging a predatory edge of rocking dynamic. Maisie allows the monster out of its lair, before summoning it back in an instant.

‘Start Again’ treads a careful line for keeping the groove, never letting control travel far from sight, as Maisie Johnson engages pop-written intelligence with bluesed-up fuel to capture a character driven with bite.

The new single ‘Start Again’ is out now – and is available on iTunes here.

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