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TRACK OF THE DAY: Malena Zavala – ‘If It Goes’

Absorbing and unassuming, ‘If It Goes’ is the new single from Argentinian-born, London-based musician, artist and film-maker Malena Zavala.

Opening with acoustic and percussion, the track gives a contemporary Latin feel while Zavala pays homage to her South American heritage with mellow electric guitar, staccato rhythms, and a dreamlike chorus.

Ethereal falsetto and catchy melodies plants the song firmly in the pop genre, whilst her vocal tone and synths lend themselves to more modern psychedelic influences, like Tame Impala. Zavala’s guitar hooks, modest yet melodic, reflect musical influences from Blake Mills and bohemian folk artist Devendra Banhart combined with a subtly satisfying amount of overdrive.

As with her debut release ‘Should I Try’ contemplating fear of failure, Zavala offers themes which are often more thought-provoking than her mainstream peers. With warm vocals and phrasing to accentuate lyrics, ‘If It Goes’ explores cultural identity, and fear of losing the Latino feminine characteristics passed down from her mother.

The new single ‘If It Goes’ is out now via Yucatan Records – available to purchase on iTunes here.

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