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TRACK OF THE DAY: Fins Ara – ‘Lagom’

Fins Ara, the breathtaking musical guise of Barcelona-born Sergi Cunill, debuted ‘Veer’ in early May promising a trilogy of musical moments to continue throughout the summer. The conclusive piece in this three-song journey culminates with appropriately titled ‘Lagom’ (a Swedish term meaning “just the right amount”).

This final creation is equally evocative and distinct of the Fins Ara project – with its use of elongated breathy refrains and subtle electronics billowing a soft, almost cradling warmth around themes of the unattainable and crestfallen. The composition remains vast and cavernous as reverb blankets and embraces three minutes of melancholy ivory-work and haunting vocal narrative, allowing closure on this unsettled love story to slowly (but finally) take precedence. 

In some ways we feel mournful for the past but if anything ‘Lagom’ teaches us to take those learnings in defeat and turn them into a positive for an outward looking future. Never stop believing, never stop feeling; life is here to be lived.

‘Lagom’ is out now – and available to purchase on iTunes here.

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