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TRACK OF THE DAY: Mirror Fury – ‘Blindfold’

The mysterious Tewkesbury-based Mirror Fury have already made an impression on Bitter Sweet Symphonies with their pop-ballad burst of ‘Skinful’ earlier this year. Now their upcoming track ‘Blindfold’, due August 25th, has a different kind of ‘burst’ to it. The type which is bold, almost biting in its social-awareness and a sense of anger. It’s a powerful listen and shows a progression of sound for sure.

Think of a journey through a rising realisation, of ever-heightening emotion. ‘Blindfold’ opens with ruminating, dwelling piano, luring the listener into an evocative, if artificial, sense of security – assuring hardly a hint of the dwelling depth this song actually strikes.

Singer Carina Bragg’s closely- recorded vocals are thick with emotion and attitude – and it is later into the first verse, when her intakes of breath come in sharper bursts, her vocals add volume to a double-syllabled ‘file’ in the hauntingly lingering line,“Feeding us in lines keep it single file.” This is a track telling of the cruelty of conformity and society.

Then a series of circling keys and harmonies send us into a spiral – before the packed pow of the chorus. In an artful and rousing change of dynamics, the entry into the chorus seems to build up goosebumps in anticipation, before bringing them out with a burst of drumbeat and a reassuring, belly-deep drive of electric guitar. This is music which is instinctively satisfying, signalling the human ability to speak out, shout out even, against subscribing to the norm.

The rousing chorus is almost acidic in the irony of its lyrics, “Don’t forget to keep your head down / Take a blindfold and pass it on,” a powerful image of how society may seem to subdue our senses into conformity. Yet the track progresses, both in the build of rhythm through electric guitar and drumbeat, as well as lyrically, to show that this can be overcome. The second verse assures “I won’t be under your control,” through billows of well-paced, cuttingly-clear vocals – a refreshing change from the so-often ruminating, rolling tracks featuring single female vocalists.

A steady bass drum and catching, cutting picks on guitar add intensity, as lines leap out in their suggestiveness: “Go ahead and take your aim / I could rip you out of your ivory tower.” Here symbolic imagery and anger-tinged voice is fuelled by the first person focus of the lines to make it a boldly personal piece, honing in on the listener like a direct hit. It leaves us in magical anticipation, as we again hear the circling keys return, goading us back into the chorus.

The chorus of this track is one of its stand-out strengths in particular, I think, especially in how it actually diversifies as the song progresses. The second-round of chorus is even more anthemic, bursts of guitar and drums driven even further with harmonies and repetition. It makes bold the ‘blindfold’, suggesting that perhaps once we realise its presence, we will have the ability to remove it. Cleverly talking about the politics of vision, through sound.

The final section of the track appears ideally orchestrated for reflection on this subject, a bold burst of electric guitar followed by emotional and haunting recordings over a still anthem-like soundscape. Snippets like “Life is visceral rather than intellectual” encourage us to look-outwards in what is a skilfully, and relevantly eye-opening track building on the instrumental strength of the band. Brilliant.

Mirror Fury’s new single, ‘Blindfold’, is out now. Purchase on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Tom Joy

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