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Bristol-based musician George Glew has set an ambitious target – planning to release a new track each month, every month for the next year. The second instalment, a song dedicated to his familial roots, has just been released – ‘Me and My Brother’ is a soulful folk-rock number that tells of relationship strain and undying love. This thoroughly relatable subject is propelled with soaring melody, emotive vocals and sharp lyricistry for a confident display of finessed raw talent. Glew will also be continuing his residency at Bristol’s Gallimaufry on Tuesday 29th August, the free showcase is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the further delights of this artist’s vast ranging sound.

We took the liberty of grabbing a few minutes of George’s time to talk more about the new release, what’s coming up in the following months and why Sir David Attenborough is his first choice out of all public figures to grab a selfie with.

What first attracted you to write?

I think I probably got bored of playing other people’s songs and found out that I could create my own music, and started trying to recreate what my favourite artists do and through that find a sound of my own… At the start it was a real struggle to write a song but I was persistent with it and it’s now probably my favourite part of the whole process.

When did you realise you wanted to pursue a career as a musician?

From when I was very young to now I’ve always followed where the music is and where I can learn more about music. I think I’ve always been leading up to it but it probably became the true goal when I was about 18 and I started to record and produce my own music and other bands’ music. I set up a studio in my mum’s house at the time, in a small garage, and just started recording anything and everything.

What is it about writing songs that you most enjoy?

I write a lot by myself but when I get the chance to write with other people I love it. Getting in a room with someone you’ve never worked with before and there being an instant spark of creativity is amazing, it doesn’t always happen that way but you have to put yourself in those situations to find out either way.

Can you tell us a fact about your new single – ‘Me and My Brother’?

I don’t think my brother knows it’s being released.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad told me to “live and die” by my own music, not to change what I’m doing and to trust my own instinct. If it does well, or not, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to be happy in what I create and work hard at it.

What has been the best gig you’ve played so far?

Probably the first show of my residency at The Gallimaufry in Bristol. It’s the perfect venue for my kind of music I think, plus it’s a hometown show so I got to see a lot of friends.

How do you take your coffee?

Milk and one.

If you could play a show at any world monument, where would you play?

Probably the Colosseum in Rome.

If you had to choose, which listening platform would be awarded a yes vote from you – MP3 / CD / Streaming / Vinyl?

Even though I’ve got a massive CD collection, it would probably have to be vinyl. I’ve just got into collecting vinyl, super late I know. It just sounds better.

The best record store you’ve ever been to?

Spillers Records in Cardiff is amazing, it’s been a while since I’ve been there unfortunately. Its been at the forefront of Welsh music for years.

What’s the best thing about the music scene in Bristol?

I’m relatively new to Bristol but there seems to be a lot of support and respect between artists and bands. There’s also so many awesome venues.

If you could get a selfie with any celebrity, who would that be and why?

David Attenborough , I’m a big fan and he’d probably narrate the taking of the selfie.

What’s coming up for George Glew this year?

Still going to be releasing a track a month and have got 2 dates left of the residency. I’ve also got some very cool gig announcements soon! But basically loads of music and as many shows as possible!

George Glew releases new single ‘Me and My Brother’ on 18th August 2017 via Atomizer Records.

George Glew’s Upcoming Live Dates:

29th August – The Gallimaufry, Bristol
17th September – The Louisiana, Bristol
26th September – Oslo, London (with Tom Walker)
10th October – The Gallimaufry, Bristol

Find George Glew on Facebook and Twitter.

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