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TRACK OF THE DAY: Marvin Powell – ‘Wind Before the Train’

For me, a lot of folk tends to wash over me – too often technically competent vocals and guitar work are deemed enough to qualify a song as a ‘success’, when really it’s the ability to make one feel something. Luckily, Marvin Powell’s new single ‘Wind Before the Train’ does just that – not necessarily in an overtly emotional way like Sufjan Stevens or Sun Kil Moon, but you buy into the story he’s weaving so completely.

Perhaps the most prominent touchstone here is Nick Drake, most apparent in the intimacy with which the track is delivered, and the way the story-telling is rooted in welcoming normalcy. The first thing you notice is ‘on-the-road’ style skittish driving rhythms – the video helpfully starts with an artistic shot of a highway, affirming this point. The second is Powell’s voice, which is a pleasing combination of unique character and warm recognisability. These things along with the proficient finger-style playing generate a wholly endearing listening experience.

Having signed to Skeleton Key Records, home of She Drew the Gun and The Sundowners, Marvin Powell looks set to cause some ripples with his forthcoming EP.

The new EP, ‘Wind Before The Train’ is released on 22nd August 2017 via Skeleton Key Records. To celebrate the release, Powell will play a show at The Buyers Club in Liverpool on Friday 8th September – tickets are on-sale now.

Find Marvin Powell on Facebook and Twitter.

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