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TRACK OF THE DAY: Thyla – ‘Pristine Dream’

The latest single from Brighton quartet Thyla is a woozy escape of ambience, facilitating semi-conscious submission to a world of glossy guitar-work and hard-hitting stick-slams. It’s a ‘Pristine Dream’, you might say.

Numbing glass heart vocals set the track steady and still, swaying over firm foundations of chuggy bass and passive drums. Stringed melodics are a break from the fall, before tumbling toms transport the slumbered far, far away.

Short choruses empty the tension bottled by the almost inebriate verses, as voluptuous explosions of sonic colour are summoned by out-crying voice and straight strung chords.

‘Pristine Dream’ drags listeners into a lair that can’t be found, a getaway from the day, but lost in the night.

Thyla’s ‘Pristine Dream’ is available now through REX Records.

Catch Thyla live at the following dates:

10th August – The Green Door Store, Brighton
19th August – The Finsbury, London
21st September – The Lexington, London
9th October – Moth Club, London

Find Thyla on Facebook and Twitter.

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