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TRACK OF THE DAY: Elle Mary & The Bad Men – ‘Behave’

Elle Mary & The Bad Men share a vibrant dose of grungy folk-noir on new single ‘Behave, ushering ever closer the rewards of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Constant Unfailing Night’.

Following up last June’s release of the evocative ‘Undead,’ Elle Mary exhibits the empowered and energetic side to her craft by switching from acoustic to electric guitar. This, however, is only shown in some parts of the song, where distortion kicks in and allows the Welsh-Mancunian singer to let all the suppressed anger out. She says the song is about “what you’d love to say but wouldn’t. It’s meant to make you laugh at your own outrage but simultaneously give you strength.”

The release comes with the announcement of ‘Constant Unfailing Night’, their nine-track debut album. The project was born out of the necessity to carry on after a break up and consequently “morphed into a beautiful journey through the process of grief.” The three-year process has been unifying for Elle Mary; seeing a joining of forces with The Bad Men (Michael Dubec and Pete Sitch) and a stricter attention aimed towards creative direction. She says: “I’ve moved from folk to this ‘heavy noir’ or whatever you want to call it, the one consistent thing that has remained is use of space.” And this use of space is exactly what makes Elle Mary’s voice stand out; the minimalist approach lets her vocal sit on top and the words seep in.

The debut album, ‘Constant Unfailing Night’, is due for release on 20th October via Sideways Saloon/Kartel Music. Pre-Order on iTunes here.

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