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TRACK OF THE DAY: Eleanor – ‘All I Want’

Previously of the Mancunian sibling duo, Girl Friend, Eleanor Neish-Melling has now decided to step out alone and release an intoxicating debut single. Titled, ‘All I Want, the track flaunts a devious energy, and provides cues to the artist’s musical roots, although a unique style of her own is also evidently present.

Interestingly however, this single does not wholly conform to the strict ideals of ‘pop music’, instead Eleanor uses the genre to create a song in line with the better and more interesting variances of pop, we’re talking refreshing beats and contrasting lyrics that zing straight off the page.

This is Earth, Wind & Fire disco-pop for the CHVRCHES generation, unequivocally vibrant with a darker lyrical bite. Eleanor writes bittersweet lyrics, though at times they come across more reckless than timid, such as “All I want is to feel a little used / And sometimes that’s all I want from you” and “Even if I hurt myself / It’s worth it in the end,” it’s a unapologetic approach to songwriting, and one that is sure to turn heads.

On ‘All I Want,’ Eleanor moves away from the obvious generalisations that pop songs tend to convey, here the lyrics speak of wanting someone but on your own terms. Love that takes you to the limits – a stormy, almost unhealthy lust rush of epic emotion. Eleanor doesn’t hint at the conventional, happily every after love song, ‘All I Want’ reflects a new breed of female assertion. One that speaks to the modern, carefree love affair, geared by the head rather than heart.

In my book, anything that can make a non-dancer dance must be worth a listen, and ‘All I Want’ certainly has the power to do so. Hit play, and find your inner devilish side.

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