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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sara Hartman – ‘Dance With A Ghost’

Gracefully rousing and feeling more resilient than ever, our favourite pop-making magnate Sara Hartman returns with a glowing taste of the new on ‘Dance with a Ghost’.

Written as a musical ‘So long’ to those moments that drag us down, for its our resistance to move on that always seems to get in the way of actually, living. ‘Dance with a Ghost’ says forgive and forget. Take those moments, let them mean something but don’t let them define you. And so Hartman inspired by the wisdom of an elder, took pen to paper and wrote one of her most uplifting and vital songs to date.

“A woman from my hometown once told me that ‘this world is going to hurt you enough, there is no reason to torture yourself over things that have already happened.’” shares Sara Hartman, “After a year and a half of flying around the world playing shows I now know that she was right in a way. Dance with a Ghost for me is about growing into independence, that hopeless romantic love song lyric about how there is love in letting go.”

Let those finger-picked acoustics and catchy beat whisk you away, maybe even take heed to the pertinent advice. Who knows it might just change your life completely.

The new single ‘Dance with a Ghost’ is available now on all streaming platforms and online retailers.

Photo Credit: Marvin Jockschat

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