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A spacey falsetto pace pushes the words of this emotional songwriter from London, in the new single ‘Chemical’. A song with a strong message is expected from the pop writer and is delivered; musical development from start to finish transverses a pleasant journey, from picked guitar to anthem-like drums and ambience.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard this style before and it doesn’t excite me anymore. Yes the song itself is nice, it’s easy on the ears, comfortable, but it’s just that it, it all becomes a bit beige. In comparison to previous release ‘Ghosts’, this song sounds like a James Bay tune, with similar rhythm and chords, I really hoped for better.

Nevertheless, lyrically this song excels, and dynamically it keeps me engaged. A pleasant song.

The self-released single ‘Chemical’ is out now, and available on iTunes.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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