LIVE REVIEW: Moonoversun + Cosydrive + Ellie Bleach at The Montague Arms

Lying south of the River Thames, Lewisham really embodies the spirit of London’s underground cultural movements. In dodgy looking council estates and niche neat bars, London’s disaffected youth shine through the nonsense of the city’s money-minded centre, just a stone’s throw away. The quirky Montague Arms, with its pseudo classic aesthetic, is where we call home for the evening.

Ellie Bleach and her accompanying bassist, make a real stir on stage. Her swooning, crooning vocals, soar over the top of cushy guitars and synths, making for a sweet blend of glossy slacker rock. Each song, a mixture of wondrous and peculiar sounding samples, pondering love lost or longing for something different. In a postmodernist landscape, it’s enough to make anyone cringe when the term ‘mime’ is thrown into the mix, but as Bleach shows, it can be a genuine and entertaining statement when performing, the irony and wit of her actions really shows individualism even if it is somewhat corny; it is brilliant.

The far from comfortable Cosydrive exalt futurist and challenging pop music. Channelling the eccentricity of Kanye West and psychedelia of Pond, the two-piece put on a monster of a show. Jarring yet awe-inspiring, Cosydrive soundtrack love and lust in a very unromantic dystopian future. The use of vocal effects is fantastic, bending and distorting earnest passionate lyrics. The aforementioned Kanye West is subject of one their songs which sees a tongue-in-cheek, shouty mashup of some his most well-known hits to a groovy, bombastic backing track. To top it off, the two-piece are joined by a dancer throughout their performance that never really lets up even as the music stops.

Brighton’s very own Moonoversun close out proceedings with shimmering power-pop, wearing their hearts very much on their sleeves. Marching onto the stage in baggy silver jackets with hoods obscuring their faces, it’s easy to see they mean business. It’s loud, heavy and damn sweet, the duo’s massive pop hooks entice you in with an innocent yet sinister aura. The stage set-up features eerily lit-up mannequin heads, and fairy lights blanketing their instruments, the duo really know how to create ambience in other ways than just through the power of sound. The interplay between wonky beats and bulky synths is excellent, leaving for an uneasy feeling of trepidation. Within the framework of modern pop, its a style that is very fashionable, with the likes of Grimes and FKA Twigs already having paved the way for shaky, off-kilter electronica. The use of live drums, really adds something different into the mix, a different, more stringent type of energy, which works refreshingly.

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