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TRACK OF THE DAY: Basement Revolver – ‘Tree Trunks’

Following on from last month’s excellent single ‘Johnny Pt. 2’, Basement Revolver are back with their second preview of their upcoming Agatha EP, ‘Tree Trunks’. It’s the opening track to the EP, and a grittier outing than its predecessor – with distorted guitars that hark back to tracks like ‘Lake, Steel, Oil’ from their self-titled debut EP. The aquatic reverb that characterised ‘Johnny Pt. 2’ returns here, cloaking Chrisy Hurn’s often heartbreaking lyrics.

Hurn has described this ethereal, soaring track as about her mental health, specifically when she first started experiencing panic attacks, and “[her] increasing need to find a professional who could help [her] to find better ways to cope.” Whereas ‘Johnny Pt. 2’ was about her interpersonal struggles, this focuses more on the internal, and finding peace within oneself. “I’m really tired of this fight,” she sings, as the band capture a soaring atmosphere. I envision myself in a forest clearing, with dappled sunlight breaking down to the floor, Hurn tries to mirror how the environment is tied to our mental health, and as the ambient synthesisers in the chorus break through, she succeeds, and finds healing.

The band’s lyrics maintain a balance between her emotional state and beautiful natural descriptions, maintaining a perfect symmetry between both verses of the song. Where in the first verse Hurn croons that she’s “starting to feel like I need someone to talk to,” by the second verse this descends into “starting to feel like I’m really going crazy,” as we feel the extent of her struggle. “Climb into my lungs, there you’ll find smoke rings like tree trunks,” she cries out, as the music climbs with us up to new heights in a squall of distortion.

Basement Revolver’s upcoming EP, only sounds more and more exciting with each consecutive release.

‘Tree Trunks’ is the second single from Basement Revolver’s upcoming “Agatha” EP, released on the 21st July on fear of missing out records. Pre-order on Bandcamp here.

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