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TRACK OF THE DAY: Paul Thomas Saunders – ‘Holding On For Love’

After spending the past year or so on musical hiatus and simultaneously studying to become a paramedic, Paul Thomas Saunders returns with his new single ‘Holding On For Love’.

The first release since his 2014 album ‘Beautiful Desolation’, the track notes a change in direction for the now Brighton based artist. Adopting a more stripped back method, Saunders explores themes of self preservation in the modern age, centred around lingering vocals and mellow piano parts in a subtle and airy arrangement. 

Recorded over two days and self produced along with old friend and drummer Alastair Thynne, ‘Holding On For Love’ is a conscious move away from the style of his earlier material. Simple instrumentation and an organic production approach gives it a vintage yet ambient feel, beside a chorus that greets you with the warmth and familiarity of a well loved classic.

Paul Thomas Saunders will be performing at this year’s Bluedot Festival in Macclesfield’s Jodrell Bank. For more information head to the Website.

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