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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bat and Ball – ‘Worth’

London’s Bat and Ball reveal a vital (if not, the most important) piece from their forthcoming debut full-length with new track, ‘Worth’. The trio challenge and protest body image in this new musical dialogue. Self-worth is almost always hard-won, especially living in a time where outside factors dominate and protrude all who have access to a screen. And for Bat and Ball the complex workings of the self, intrigue and confound. ‘Worth’, in result, raises questions of childhood and womanhood vs the constrictions of civil society and one’s own value.

The production opens dense and gloomy to reveal Abi Sinclair’s porcelain sharp vocals, a bitter husk hides a breathy but rigid delivery as the pressure cooker soundscape spools further tension. Be not fooled, Sinclair is driven solely by an emotional back and forth, her composure is sensitised beneath the calmly exterior. Original lyrics drive the pertinent discourse to awareness: “Worth must feed our waist down … I used to be so certain,” Sinclair hauntingly reels with deep conviction as grafts of darkened synth grip to swathes of swirled guitar.

All is not at rest as we are led forth back into reality – this level of unease only magnifies their message. 

Bat and Ball release their new single ‘Worth’ on Friday 9th June, ahead of their debut album due out later this year.

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