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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sloes – ‘All in the Mind’

London’s Sloes make their glorious return with the genre-bending ‘All in the Mind’. Sweeping and vast, the band use each of their varied talents to fulfil a promising captivation of sound.

Military-like percussion reverberates a rugged ambience for Jerome Clark’s resolute voice to cut through, marking an access route for the soaring march to glide onwards as his band mates join the procession. Sloes prove that taking the subtle approach, doesn’t have to result in a lesser impact. The slow build of the growing parts, in fact, fuel the track and provide stability – the chorus is the sweet embodiment of this.

The beauty of this band is their versatility; their ability to manifest in multiple formats – whether geared to the indie realms of expression, or folk, or pop, they implore their musical nous to great effect. ‘All in the Mind’ just reveals another string to their bow, one of contemporary alt-pop and rootsy texture. Take a load off and let the three minutes pass by in slow motion, it’ll make all the difference.

‘All in the Mind’ is the title track of Sloes’ forthcoming EP, due for release on 16th June.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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