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TRACK OF THE DAY: Honey Lung – ‘Sophomore’

Following the release of last year’s monster of an EP, ‘Kind Of Alone’, Honey Lung are back in fine form with their third single ‘Sophomore’. After a slew of sold out shows across London, it’s nice to see that the band are gearing up to launch more material out into the stratosphere.

Shimmering, spangly guitars and washy effects open the track. Drums and bass shortly follow to establish tension in a Sonic Youth-esque build before exploding into a fuzzy, anthemic verse, melodic enough to make even the most tentative of music listeners nod their head. Bringing the dynamic down in a way that only Honey Lung can for the chorus, the vocal is almost childlike in its delivery and composure but believe me, it sounds simply amazing.

One of the standout elements of the track is the palette of sounds used from ear shattering overdrives to the soft, screeching harmonics of the lead guitar part. The production of ‘Sophomore’ is colossal, as though a wall of sound is hitting you in the face at one hundred miles a second and extracting the breath from your lungs in the process, leaving you spinning out of control, gasping for more.

Not only showcasing their abilities as remarkable musicians, this song has genuine soul. Lyrically, it’s a concept every single twenty-something can get behind. The constant pressures of acceptance, social awareness and identity, in a somewhat terrifying landscape, make for something totally relatable and thought provoking.

‘Sophomore’ will be released on 5th May via RYP Recordings. Honey Lung will celebrate the release with a single launch party on May 2nd at Camden Assembly, tickets are available here.

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