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TRACK OF THE DAY: Vulgarians – ‘Hands Around The Waste’

Don’t stand up on my accord. Please – “stay in your seat”. Vulgarians’ latest single ‘Hands Around the Waste’ makes that oh-so clear with contrasting voracious aggression and creepily wonky instrumentation. One could be deceived by the Samuel Barber-esque orchestral introduction, starting you off with expectations of a laid back emotional ballad. However, a break and snare fill pull you back from your leather armchair and sit you bolt upright.

Frontman Ryan Wilson-Preen (or ‘Steve Dream’, the ‘perverted ’70s hypnotherapist’ depicted in the video), stares you in the face and, with a tasteful degree of restrained aggression, delivers notoriously present vocals on you – the shocked listener. The slapback delay only adds to the effect created by this first verse. The bass heavy mix lends itself to his delivery, leaving ample room for the higher middle registers of his melody and allowing for the bass and drums to push the coordinated groove underneath.

The chorus, a melange of Ryan’s pearly white teeth and balls to the wall instrumentation, reminds you that – despite the danceable and potentially disco influenced groove of the verse – you must stay in your seat. Don’t get up, don’t leave. It’s brutal, it’s remarkably raw given the clear feel of the verse.

The video and music sync up to great effect in the wonky and progressively more strange bridge. Drums seem to warp the video and cut you between a man and woman who, I can only assume, are subjects of Steve’s hypnosis. The VHS style aesthetic suits the song perfectly and the spaghetti western font only adds to the strange fiction created by the band in this video.

The new single ‘Hands Around The Waste’ announces Vulgarians’ new EP ‘Almost-Instinct, Almost True’, due for release on May 5th 2017.

Vulgarians will also be heading out on a headline tour this May:

May 10th – Headrow House, Leeds
May 11th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
May 12th – Picture House, Sheffield
May 13th – The Priory, Glasgow
May 16th – Full Moon Club, Cardiff
May 22nd – Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
May 23rd – Old Blue Last, London
May 26th – Polar Bear, Hull
May 27th – Rock City Basement, Nottingham

Photo Credit: Luke Hallett

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