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TRACK OF THE DAY: Little Réd – ‘Hell’

 Welsh-born, Bath-based songstress Little Réd makes her debut with dreamy electro-pop track, ‘Hell’. Less cryptically known as Ellie James, the singer-songwriter has performed under various guises from the tender age of 14. Yet, ‘Hell’ feels like a coming-of-age track, and one that cements Little Réd’s future sound.

Co-written by songwriter and producer, Ed Tullett, the track’s spacey guitar lines and ethereal synth pads create perfectly serene textures, which are interrupted later on by dramatic percussion parts and vocal injections in the build up to the climactic final chorus. As the emotionally-charged chorus kicks in, the vocals hit spiralling heights while battling with a thunderous guitar instrumental, adding yet another layer to this beautifully detailed record.

Falling into the ambient genre, the lyrics delve into the darkly complicated subject of heartbreak expressed in the chorus,“You give me hell, but that’s alright,” yet stirring guitars quell any traces of a self-indulgent lovelorn melody. The track is wistfully celestial but still tells of hope – it’s an inviting melancholy. Drawing comparisons to Rae Morris and The Japanese House, Little Réd’s soft, ethereal vocals remain throughout – even when telling of turbulent emotions. It’s serene without feeling slumberous.

If this debut is anything to go by, we think Little Réd could be one to watch.

The debut single ‘Hell’ is out now via Seahorse Music.

Find Little Réd on Facebook and Twitter.

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