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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Machiavellis – ‘Melancholia’

‘Melancholia’ is a strong devilishly lilting single that begins by tip-toeing around the beautifully written yet dark lyrics of Meg Rorison, yet however sweetly the lyrics may be sung, in their own right they make me forget where I am, lost almost.

I especially like it when the duo of fuzzy drones come back in from Ruben Elbond-Palmer and Lewis Kennet on guitars and that hooky guitar riff from the intro returns. The Machiavellis’ rhythm arsenal is firmly provided by Jack Norton (drums) and the extra milky bass lines of Milky Browne, however, they lose me at the end of the track with the guitar solo, I felt like it wasn’t needed, it didn’t add anything special to the song. I would’ve preferred the riff from the intro as it gave me a taste of something different, it’s full of wonder and clean, and contrasts beautifully from the fuzzy rhythm guitars allowing me to reflect on the lyrical content.

Mixed emotions but overall, very impressed.

The single is out now, featuring B-Side ‘Pathos’, purchase the bundle on Bandcamp.

Photo Credit: Phil Morgan (Perpetual Photography)

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
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