BEHIND THE SONG // Inside Lostboycrow’s ‘Verona’

Our ‘Behind the Song‘ series seeks to uncover the root of inspiration behind our favourite new releases, told from the artist’s perspective, it’s a revealing account into the creative space. From contextual analysis to production secrets and thoughtful stories about the songwriting process, ‘Behind the Song‘ will take you deeper into an artist’s’ music than ever before. This edition focuses on the tempestuous love story of ‘Verona’, brought into being by California-based Lostboycrow.

Luscious EDM production aligns Lostboycrow’s new wave pop with the very best in the genre, the lyrics speak of a compelling desire one that echoes the age-old tale of Romeo & Juliet – tempting and consuming at once – ‘Verona’ is one for all the hopeless romantics. Below, Lostboycrow details the creative forces behind the song.

I believe songwriting at its purest will always be storytelling. The ‘best’ songs in turn, ending up writing themselves because they wish to be told. They have been buried. Forgotten. Or simply become all too familiar and beg to be reimagined for the sake of human experience.
‘Verona’ was birthed in a special home amidst the San Fernando Valley where Dylan William and myself had breathed life into many a story.
The song was ripe with a sort of youthful glow. An eagerness that compelled loyalty to a fault, and a shiny dissonance – the kind that shouldn’t work but just ends up feeling down right euphoric. Like jazz or something right? It was Romeo & Juliet…perhaps the Danes/DiCaprio version. Perhaps some modern take I had pulled from my own subconscious to create desperation where there is none for sake of art and all manners of love both unrequited, forbidden and otherwise true.
Disregarding any knowledge or appreciation for Shakespearean characters, the story is one we can and I believe, must, all relate to at some point or another. To be blinded by the trusting colors of our youth and tightly bound by an infinite array of stolen kisses and sweet nothings – with the brevity of a summer breeze – always welcomed and just as tangible. All you can do is tune out the world and enjoy a moment that will never be the same.

The single ‘Verona’ is available now on iTunes, find it here.

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