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The debut release from three-piece OUTLYA is easily likeable, epically imagined and simple enough to digest without too much thought. Hoping to lead us further towards The Light of their bombastic refuge, the trio gift all that they have to their vision and it’s a awing result.

The single seemingly is caught between two worlds: demure piano pop and uninhibited rock, though this sounds like a recipe for disaster, in the right hands it’s a reminder of how important it is to have ambition when making music. Echoing the same promise that Coldplay delivered back when they released ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’, OUTLYA wilfully navigate the fine line between overblown tiresome songwriting and meaningful moving lures – falling on the right side of the spectrum, thankfully for them.

On ‘The Light’ a striking presence emerges, one of true intention fuelled by divine craftsmanship, lifeless drivel this is not. It’s worth sticking around for the ride because OUTLYA might just surprise you.

OUTLYA’s debut single ‘The Light’ is out now through Harbour Masters. Find on iTunes here.

Find OUTLYA on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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