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Our favourite Canadian true teller RALPH has returned with a wink and a perfect dose of disco-pop. ‘Tease’ has us pining for those hot, balmy summer days by the pool (partly because of the zinger of a video that accompanies, but also for the kinetic sensuality which ensues).

Since when does playing it coy only relate to women? Never, and that’s why we this is our go-to tune of the moment. Each of RALPH’s releases relate to contemporary culture and that’s why it’s always an event when something new is released. For a song disguised with a pretty-on-the-outside sparkle, when we get to grips with her message, she sure doesn’t sashay around with metaphors: “I’ll confess your sweet talk had me weak in the knee / but my friend got the same text cut and copy … secrets out / baby please, you’re just a tease.” 

Whilst uncensored in her lyrics, her melodies still retain a subdued carefree attitude. Intentional, yes, but purposeful also, perfectly whisking the track into a happy-go-lucky state of mind to deliver a blow by blow on how courting in the Tinder-age has become more misleading than romantic.

The new single ‘Tease’ is out now. Find on iTunes here.

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