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TRACK OF THE DAY: Overcoats – ‘Hold Me Close’

New York City has been a breeding ground for creative types for centuries – its grassroots nature assisting the nourishment and nurture for those wildcard dreams that are just too audacious to mute. The result, a haven for progressive culture and forward-thinking art – enter NYC duo Overcoats, who approach electronica in a brave and uncompromising way.

Sculpted from the alternative, ‘Hold Me Close‘ is an invigorating listen – assurances of multiple genre blending’s are met with great accomplishment and skill; primarily a subterranean pop hybrid, the addition of R&B influences, mellow hints of folk and a slick electronic snare beat fulfil the promise of that which is expected from a band at this stage in their career.

In a song that speaks about the complexities of love and weaves a twisting minor key melody, Elion and Mitchell seem remarkably peaceful, soothing each others plight through their pure union of textured harmonies and slight variances in cadence. But don’t let their ambient exterior fool you, there’s still plenty of emotional tugs to latch onto and sincere gestures that you wish were aimed at you.

If this first taste of music from their forthcoming album is anything to go by, then we all better prepare ourselves with boxes of Kleenex and a spare 45 minutes every day, because it’s sure to be a record that needs to be consumed on a regular basis.

Overcoats’ debut full-length album ‘YOUNG’ is released on 21st April via Arts & Crafts, featuring the single ‘Hold Me Close’.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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