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TRACK OF THE DAY: Flyte – ‘Echoes’

It’s a cause for celebration, after almost a year and a half of little-to-no-contact with the London foursome, Flyte have finally broken their silence. Lifting the latch on the door to their debut album, ‘Echoes’ reveals an assured subtleness beneath timeless chalky synth refrains and wistful melody.

The more we listen to ‘Echoes’, the more it reveals – the coming-of-age tale uses its palatial oscillating rhythm section to mirror the heyday of Motown and those 60’s pop classics, euphoria dances a glorious waltz of nostalgia through its electronic pulses of synth which is made even stronger by Will Taylor’s dreamy lead vocals and his fellow bandmates’ sublime harmonies.

Like all songwriting, it comes down to the one most important criteria: will it connect with its listener? Fortunately for us, the reliability of Flyte’s pure skill makes this an easy role to play (and in any case listening to music should never have to be a chore but indeed sometimes deplorably it is). They sing of the passing echoes of life lived, as romantically as it could ever be, clinging to the eaves of history while carving out their own.

Flyte will continue their Chasing Heaven live night on 28th April at Moth Club (Tickets will be available to purchase from Tuesday on Dice). The new single ‘Echoes’ is out now via Island Records, find on iTunes here.

Flyte can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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