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TRACK OF THE DAY: Family Friends – ‘I’m Like You’

Family Friends, the aptly named brother-sister duo from London via Melbourne, have dropped a sunny cut from their upcoming EP in the form of ‘I’m Like You’.

With pitch shifted guitars wobbling and drifting over a woozy vocal delivery, it’s hard not to picture some kind of beach when listening to this track. It settles into its comfort zone quickly and stays there, taking you gently along on a jangly indie pop ride.

However, ‘I’m Like You’ does lack grit. The production is so clean and flat that it can at times feel as if there’s not very much going on. There’s very little from the bottom end, more bass in particular which would really help keep the track buoyant. Aesthetically it works, the vocals pop out and the guitars sound direct and open, but it’s a track that would benefit from a little more dirt in the hinges.

‘I’m Like You’ is an easy, breezy listen. Unchallenging but enjoyable, its just as at home on a sun kissed vista as it would be in a sweaty underground venue.

‘I’m Like You’ is taken from Family Friends’ upcoming EP, due out 24th February via Beatnik Creative.

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