EXCLUSIVE // FLIIIS’ Guide to Manchester’s Musical Underbelly

Manchester-based duo FLIIIS return this January with a three-track spectacular of alternative pop and spoken word, rallying together retro synths with pertinent lyrical depth and body-shaking hooks, the new release proves to be a must-listen.

For FLIIIS, creativity is more than just a mere characteristic; it’s a route of expression, a vital connection to something greater, a way of processing the unfamiliar, it’s self-awareness. In a special guest post we ask FLIIIS, what is it about Manchester that really makes it incomparable to other cities? This is their guide to the Northern creative hub and its people.

Living in Manchester is wonderful, especially if you’re interested in the arts, and for a band like us it’s such an inspiring place to be when you’re surrounded by such a wealth of artistry.

Our first pick has to go to the guys in O>L>A (One Little Atlas). We played with them a while ago in Fallow Café in Fallowfield and we’ve been pals since then. It was the first time we’d seen them and they blew us away with how much feeling was put into what they do. We saw them perform their version of the soundtrack to Ron Fricke’s Koyaanisqatsi in a little theatre space in Salford not too long ago and it was captivating. They kinda remind me of ‘King Of Limbs’ Radiohead, which is the best Radiohead, so they’re easily one of our favourites in the city.

Our next shout has to go to Inland Taipan, moniker of Aisling Davis. We also met whilst playing a show together in Chorlton and what she can do with one guitar, a few pedals and her voice is ridiculous. She’s got this more aggressive Kate Bush thing going on which we really dig, singing about sex and killing people. It’s really cool. She hasn’t really got any tracks online but you can catch live videos of her on YouTube which we highly recommend.

Dropping into the indie territory a bit more, we’ve got to go with Blooms. Their music sounds like it’s inspired by the whole NYC lo-fi movement which is pretty fresh for Manchester. We really like them.

Going on a complete tangent, we’ve got to mention Bugzy Malone. I’m pretty sure everyone will know his name but we had to get him in. We feel that an MC from Manchester battling the insane output London has within the Grime scene and coming out amongst the top players is mad, and the heights he’s reached now gives credence to the fact that Manchester is a hub of talent in so many different forms. It’s also really cool that despite how successful he is, he still lives here and you still see him knocking around town.

Manchester is just a great city full stop. With so many artists and so many places that support them (shouts to Fallow Café, probably our favourite place to play), we really feel that the community here is kinda self-sufficient and doesn’t really need anything else to help it survive, which makes us proud to live here. The rest of the world looks to Manchester for all art, especially music, and we don’t think that’s going to change any time soon with the acts that are currently coming through.

‘MAKE ME CRY x FUGA x DAZE BLVD’ is out now. Get your copy on iTunes here.

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