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TRACK OF THE DAY: Kashmere – ‘Porcelain’

‘Blow Your Mind’ would have been a hard tune to follow on from, for any artist. Yet Stockport four-piece Kashmere have excelled even themselves with their dynamic new track ‘Porcelain’.

Building up from an idyllic sound into a massive tune packed with loud riffs and reverberating drums, ‘Porcelain’ proves to be a rousing showcase of Kashmere’s capability to produce brilliantly thunderous tracks. Another point to be noted is Newey and Law’s combined vocal capability, their mesmerising Mancunian grit is becoming increasingly distinctive with each release which, for a band with only two released tracks is highly impressive.

There is quite a contrast between the harmonic verses and bursts of guitar in the chorus, intriguingly it just makes you want to hear the track live and have the vibrations of the riffs pulsing through your body. A progressive track that only becomes more inviting as it builds, urging you to listen to it over and over again which is clever because it’s a track that really does gets better the more you play it.

‘Porcelain’ is a tune that is worthy of being played as loud as your eardrums will allow and it certainly lives up to the hype created by ‘Blow Your Mind’, further cementing the notion that Kashmere are not a ‘One Hit Wonder’ band and will be around for some time.

Kashmere’s new single ‘Porcelain’ is available to purchase on iTunes now.

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Charlotte Ryan
A music loving teen from the mighty 'Boro @Charlou142

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