LIVE REVIEW: The Crookes at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The Games Room in the Brudenell Social Club is perfectly set for an it’s-almost-Christmas show with its decorative blue fairy light backdrop and inviting stage. With a gin and tonic being my choice of festive beverage tonight, it’s time to dance and get merry.

Support band Hot Soles are a no nonsense fiery rock duo. Shredding vocals, crunchy riffs churned out on a Les Paul and drumming that would give Keith Moon a run for his money deliver a performance that the growing crowd can’t help but watch intensely, if only in disbelief at how two people can simply create so much volume. While they may be passionate about the music, it’s nice to see that they don’t take themselves too seriously – mid-song, the guitarist walks to the bar and orders a beer, squeezing through the crowd in order to do so. Loud, proud and entertaining.

The Crookes take to the stage greeted by warm welcomes all around. It’s the perfect mood; their irresistible songs get fully absorbed by the audience who fill the room with festive dancing and sing-along’s. The set is a guaranteed crowd pleaser; set staples such as ‘Maybe In The Dark’ and ‘Backstreet Lovers’ have tonight been mixed with an array of Christmas material. Frontman George Waite belts out life-affirming lyrics, “There is a world and it’s waiting for you”, on synth and guitar-packed song ‘The World Is Waiting’. After finishing their encore with ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (what else?), the band leave the stage victorious. This is a rare and wonderful example of a band who have found a perfectly balanced sound to match their equally as fantastic songs.

The Crookes latest album ‘Lucky Ones’ is out now. Stream or buy a copy here.

Photo Credit: Tom Saunders

For more on The Crookes, visit their Website

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