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TRACK OF THE DAY: Alice Merton – ‘No Roots’

Meet songwriting extraordinaire Alice Merton, the singer has lived the life of a nomad since she can remember. Although the life of a traveller isn’t as rose-tinted as we may perceive it to be; always on the move, transitory by nature, never quite existing in a place for long enough to seal in lifelong ties but what the life choice lacks in stability, it makes up for in its ability to be the starter for a good story. Merton’s debut offering explores these themes in bright resilient beauty, turn a page and press play on ‘No Roots’.

The dazzling pop production interlocks organic with electronic, a sturdy bass introduces the throbbing rhythm to Merton’s strident mesmeric voice (think Florence Welch vs. Lorde). With the heart and hook of the song primarily structured within the words “I’ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground,” Merton controls the tight moving whip-strong narrative of her life, turning her truth into a rallying call for more than just herself.

‘No Roots’ has the groove and will to rip through the charts, the ripples of aftershock will bow down to the power of artistic independence. Now we wait for Miss Merton’s second act.

‘No Roots’ is available now via Paper Plane Records. Buy on iTunes here.

Find Alice Merton on Facebook and Twitter.

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