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TRACK OF THE DAY: Fuoco – ‘Drink Your Tears’

‘Drink Your Tears’ is the latest onslaught by Sittingbourne “wonk rock” two piece Fuoco and it is a baneful shark assault. It tracks the scent of weakness and descends upon your ears; eyes rolled back, mouth widened. The guitar and lyrics kick in with a mumbled chant – this is a distant disturbance in the ocean which you remain consciously ignorant to, while staggeringly aware that escape is futile.

The lyric “I wanna kill all my friends” emerges from the darkness and you’re clamped down upon. Swung from side to side in Fuoco’s powerful, lustful jaws. This introduces the main riff which remains as a brutal refrain, after a horde of impassioned vocals collaborate in a call and response throughout. Wherein the bass disappears momentarily to leave room for the vocals, but comes back with a thunderclap, inducing severe whiplash once more.

This overwhelming feeling of the hunter and its prey is rather fitting as Fuoco state: “This is a song I wrote about the worst time in my life and how I perceive this competition that we call ‘survival of the fittest’.” Showing that the band have an incredible knack of re-creating raw emotion that transposes perfectly into infectious hooks and unrivalled empathy.

By the time you’ve been lead to the chorus, pupils are enlarged and eyes are bulged with adrenaline. No matter what mood you started listening to this song in, the band have managed to hypnotise you, mould and manipulate you to perfectly emulate the song’s raw energy. Riddled with the urge to start a mosh pit and dissatisfied with the lack of other participants to do so.

With this release, Fuoco prove to be the Apex predator of their genre we always knew they were.

Fuoco will release a new EP on Friday 13th January, titled ‘Kape Kinevil’, available through M8s Records. Pre-order here.

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