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TRACK OF THE DAY: Keroscene – ‘I Can’t Do A Thing’

Coming straight at you, and channelling 90s shoegaze and 60s revivalist psych-vocals are West Londoners Keroscene with their tune ‘I Can’t Do a Thing’, accompanied here by a suitably mind-melding video. Warm layers of fuzz give the track its backbone, on top of which glitchy lead guitars and wavy, hazy vocals deliver infectious melodies.

Often psychedelia influenced songs can descend into noodley self-absorption, and skimp on the songcraft, but Keroscene here trim the fat and deliver something that, in spite of its near 5 minute running time, encompasses a precision, depth and clarity ably showing off a band in command of their sonic expulsions.

Formerly based in a warehouse, dubbed ‘Unit 4’, the band  have spent the last two years living together, writing and throwing parties. No wonder there appears to be such cohesion between the floating, shifting parts that come together to create a fabulous whole.

The themes expressed in amongst the aural delights on offer are around “people’s ever-changing emotional states and how ultimately one can only ride the roller coaster, not control it.” So on that note, pump it up, full-screen the visual, and expand your mind along with the Keroscene collective.

‘I Can’t Do A Thing’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here.

Find Keroscene on Facebook and Twitter.

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