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Brighton-based GANG make a return with doppelgangers on new single ‘Dead’, the release combines oddball quirks with terrifying profundity. Ominous and unnerving visuals depict the trio’s summer vacation, after a frightful intro warns of missing persons and lost souls in the area, the group find themselves in an unfortunate predicament. Which leads to a series of unfolding events, that soon prove to be hazardous for the members of GANG.

This impending battle with morality is soundtracked by a sludge of psychedelic unrest. Muddy bass, crashing percussion and heavy guitars shudder over a squall of rampant cries that call out the resounding title “Dead…” and just as suddenly, we are awoken from our slumber to a disturbing truth.

If we can learn anything from GANG, it’s to cherish our moments. The band present the idea in a gruesome way but really aren’t we all a little afraid of the end?

Gang’s new AA-side single ‘Dead’ / Enough Nothing’ is due for release on November 25th via Ra-Ra Rok Records. Pre-order the 7” here.

Alongside the release of the new AA-side, GANG will be playing the following shows:

6th The Old Blue Last, London
7th The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Find GANG on Facebook and Twitter.

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