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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bryde – ‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good’

‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ is the latest single from Bryde (aka. Sarah Howells), and another Bill Ryder-Jones produced masterpiece. The dark beauty holds captive two parties in an internal battle.

Whilst the backstory behind the song’s creation is unknown, this information becomes redundant, for finding personal meaning and connection with the words being sung or the instruments being played is inevitable. The fact of the matter is, because Bryde’s music is so visceral and raw, as a listener it’s impossible not to feel attached to the movements of her stories, as if they as drawn from your own mind. Traced by a fraught electric guitar line, which teeters from simpering to roaring, ‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ moves through the motions recalling a past memory, a figure that appears like a ghost clouded by longing and foreshadowed by regret, Howells is melancholy but never lost.

Upon delivering each harsh truth, Howells releases emotional outcries that rise with pindrop intensity and fall like a sudden wake to reality. Exercising pressure points with accurate ease, Howells is powerful, setting the spark for fiery vindication to smoke out her passionate struggle.

‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ is taken from Bryde’s ‘EP2’ which is out now. Buy on bandcamp here.

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