ALBUM REVIEW: JAWS – ‘Simplicity’

Two years after releasing their debut LP ‘Be Slowly’, JAWS are back. Bigger and better than ever with their new album ‘Simplicity’. The Brummie trio recently took time out from their musical endeavour in order to have a recharge and boy does it show, there is a real depth with ‘Simplicity’ that wasn’t particularly seen in their aforementioned debut. Even JAWS themselves say that this is the band’s most developed material to date.”

Kicking off the record is the heartfelt I’m Just A Boy, a relaxed indie piece of sentiment about being better in the future, complete with Cure-esque guitar lines that up the atmospheric levels of romantic feeling. It seems that JAWS are foreshadowing their future in this track because if each consecutive record they produce is as much of a step up as ‘Simplicity’ is from ‘Be Slowly’, they are on to a very good thing. What We Haven’t Got Yet was released way ahead of the album in September of last year, and if one song could set the tone for the whole album it would be this one. An old school style banger complete with all the “woahs and immense guitar riffs you could wish for intertwined with JAWS’ distinctive echoey sound.

Right In Front Of Me has a more questioning vibe to it as the lads are almost probing the idea of life and the way the world works, “No ambition like a politician” is a line that really stands out in political times of late. Thrown forward with a motorik beat, ‘Right In Front Of Me’ encapsulates the idea that JAWS actually care about topics that matter and it’s not just a case of writing nonchalant love songs as many other bands do.

17 slows the record down a bit with no big guitar riffs, it’s more of an idyllic pop daydream with a nice electronic backbeat, tranquil enough to daze out to but definitely not monotonous. Cast follows 17‘s lead with the indie innocence vibe but instead it is paired with big riffs and a chorus fit to be bellowed. Resting mid-centre on the album is Interlude, three minutes of pure, unsullied enjoyment, slowly leading into On the Sunshine. Work It Out and In the Morning build up for the immense anthems that conclude the album.

A Brief Escape From Life, filled with Cobain-style drawl is a stupendous example of what JAWS are truly capable of in regards to the sound they create in their songs. Concluding the album in all its splendour is The Invisible Sleep, a monstrous tune filled brim to brim with moody vocals and thunderous guitar that really finishes the album off with a bang and makes you want to listen to the whole thing again. 

JAWS’ daydream worthy sound can mean that their songs seem to blend into on another, however there are enough boisterous tunes throughout this album to mean that this isn’t a issue. All in all ‘Simplicity’ is a real success and if their future releases are anything like this one JAWS could be around for a long time.

‘Simplicity’ is out now. Signed exclusives are available to buy from JAWS’ official store here.

JAWS will be touring the record around the UK this November/December, with support from Cosmo Pike. For dates, see below:

November 23rd – Bristol, Thekla
November 24th – London, The Dome
November 25th – Leeds, Headrow House
November 26th – Newcastle, Think Tank
November 27th – Glasgow, King Tuts
November 29th – Hull, Fruit
November 30th – Manchester, Sound Control
December 2nd – Birmingham, Rainbow Warehouse

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