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FACE are the first signings to multiple Grammy-winning producer Stuart Price’s new label, AOA. The band, fronted by David Arthur, prove that there’s strength in numbers with bassist Matt Kern, drummer Slim Gabriel and guitarist JC rounding off the exciting four-piece in style. FACE released their first EP – ‘Fear’, produced by Price (The Killers, Everything Everything, Coldplay) – earlier this year.

The title track is a bold and exuberant introduction to the young quartet’s gift for melodic and anthemic songwriting. The EP is completed by ‘Changes’ and ‘E.C.T.S.’ – a track infused with soaring hooks, propulsive rhythms and an irresistible bounding energy.

FACE won the title of our readers’ favourite song in the third edition of #BitterSweetPlaylist (you can refresh your memory here) for their song ‘Fear’. So we absolutely had to track the boys down and grab a few moments with them to put them through our ‘Many Things About…’ segment. So below you’ll find a list of certainly surprising, if not strangely amusing fun facts about the band. Dig in.

1. David once wrestled a medusa – mauve stinger – in the Ligurian sea and won. He has the scars to prove it.
2. Jack’s hidden super power is curling up into a ball at great speed to deter bully’s.
3. FACE was conceived in a damp, dusty, spider infested 1800’s cotton-mill in Salford, Manchester.
4. Slim hasn’t eaten since 1996.
5. David can actually fly.
6. All four members are actually neither male nor female.
7. In the early days, Matt and David once survived for a whole year on chicken Rendang.
8. All four members are setting out to take down the illuminati.
9. Jack has extremely small nipples.
10. Slim’s Turkish moose knuckle can be seen from the international space station.
11. Jack’s hair is highly flammable.
12. FACE are named as such because all four members have perfectly genetically engineered feet.
13. On a full moon, all four members become translucent.
14. FACE are consulted regularly by the British government to assist on global peace missions.
15. There is a planet in the andromeda constellation called FACE.
16. Matt has a multi faceted personality. Most of which you wouldn’t like to know.
17. David’s voice is actually his own.
18. Apple’s FaceTime application was actually conceived by Apple.
19. FACE’s favourite animal is a tardigrade because it has the ability to live forever.
20. FACE wish to make the world a better place.

FACE’s debut EP ‘Fear’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here.

For updates on FACE, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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