On Tour with Natalie McCool (Part 2)

This September saw alt-pop singer/songwriter Natalie McCool embark on her biggest tour to-date. The young artist kindly agreed to take us along for the ride as the headline tour made its way through some of the mightiest UK cities, we take in the surrounding sights and sounds told from the perspective of McCool, in her own animated way. So over to Natalie…


YES! WE’RE IN SCOTLAND! We love Scotland. Today I am heading to BBC Edinburgh to feature on Janice Forsyth’s show with an interview and two live tracks. I did a house show in Edinburgh as part of my Fortress House Tour – it was the first date and it was absolutely amazing – organised by Neu! Reekie! an Edinburgh based arts / events collective – who coincidentally were also on Janice’s show talking about one of their upcoming events. So it was really a big love in. After chatting about my album and the tour so far, we head to soundcheck at Electric Circus, and too soon after some pizza and some more interviews, we are due to get on stage! The crowd are loving it as we have a lot of friends here and it turns out to be one of the most epic dates of the tour. After a sing-a-long to Fortress we end on a high and head back to my friend Tom’s – who hosted my house show! It’s great to be back in Edinburgh!


Today we’re at the Hug and Pint in Glasgow and we don’t know it yet but this will be a night to remember…but before heading over we go for some breakfast with Tom at a Spanish place on his road, still in Edinburgh. I went there with him last time after the house show and it was a place of controversy. I asked if I could have poached eggs instead of fried…and they said no! I was affronted because I LOVE poached eggs but I had to bite the fried bullet. This time around I asked for poached eggs again in the hope I’d be victorious but I don’t think the waitress knew what I was talking about because they brought out…2 boiled eggs. My face dropped. I was devastated. Next time…next time I will be fortuitous in my Scottish egg adventures. After breakfast we do a spot of sightseeing at South Queensferry which was a beautiful set of bridges on the Forth river, it was so calming and exactly what I needed.

Now we are on the way to GLASGOW – where I also visited on my house tour which was also an incredible date! We get to Hug & Pint and load in – YES it’s a vegan place! Can’t wait to eat there later. We walk around Glasgow for a bit and then back to soundcheck, and again before we know it we’re eating Brie backstage getting ready to rock (lol). After two great support acts we get on stage and it’s absolutely amazing yet again – Scotland you rule!! People attended who heard me on the radio the day before – we love you Scotland! After packing away it’s time to go out as I have some friends here. We go to this very strange club which had a pawnbrokers legit shop front but was very very weird inside. But lots of fun. After needing some more beer to feel cool enough to dance…we’re GOING for it. Before I know it, it’s 3am, and I know I have to drive to Manchester the next day. Oh god. Time to sleep I think. But before that…we go on a drunken quest to find a deep fried mars bar…and we do at the local freshers chippy! I must say…they are f****ng amazing!!!!


Oh god. You know when you wake up as if you’re inhaling a load of dry hot sand? Yeah that’s what this morning was like. I feel…interesting. No time to think about the hangover though…it’s time for the hell drive from Glasgow to Manchester. It took FOREVER. Like 5 hours. We were a bit late for load in and soundcheck at Fallow Cafe but made it!!! Albeit hanging out our arses. After some much needed vegan Mediterranean food (YES) we get ready to rock. The support act has suspiciously dropped out so I get my boyfriend Richard Lomax who is an OMNICHORD genius to step in and entertain the crowd. Now this is an interesting one. All of my friends are there (thank god) but the crowd’s little thin on the ground and I’m not sure why?! Hmmmmm. Anyway we totally rock the place and although we are small, we are totally united and smashing it together! YES MANCHESTER!


We are off to Birmingham today and although we are inwardly excited we are all…absolutely knackered. Like zonko. After loading into the venue, we need an energy juice DESPERADOS. We go and have a look around the city centre and find an energy bar so we get the most potent juice. Mine had avocados and lime in it. It was ggreeeeeaaaat! After soundcheck we are so tired we have to go back to the hotel and just rest…with Nando’s obviously. After about 30 mins of chill time we go back to the venue and catch the support act who is really good. The venue is packed which is amazing and we get on stage and do our thing. Audience LOVE IT – thank you Birmingham!!! After a busy merch time, we are back to the hotel and are so tired we are actually delusional. Ok time for sleep.

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Natalie McCool’s new album The Great Unknown is out now. Buy your copy here.

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