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If you stop time, step back to the mid-00’s and scrolled down any festival bill, there’a good chance all-female Australian quartet, RACKETT may have featured somewhere during one of ‘indie’s’ most iconic comings.

Step back to 2016, and the upstarts still cut the mark, albeit not with the same jounce.

Releasing their first single ‘BATS’, the group certainly know how to make some noise, but their punk-pop core may have just misplaced its timing.

That said, you’d be happy to be presented with this female powerhouse at any gig. They have a touch of Kate Jackson’s The Long Blondes, delivering a ballsy, no fucks attitude that dwells well with their style.

There’s not much chance of getting lost in the bat cave, this dose of female power is something we should keep tabs on, as RACKETT seem the sort who can pull something out of the hat.

RACKETT will be embarking on their first Australian tour, from August 2016.

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