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Riding in on a wave of tropical indie-pop fury, FLIIIS have returned with new single On The Sonnet’, which promises romance and strife in equal measure.

From the off, playful marimba sits atop a frantic blend of tribal drums, conflicted vocals and indecisive, ever shifting synth patches. With a vocal delivery channelling the angst of Matt Healy, and an arrangement that encapsulates both the traditional and the unusual, ‘On The Sonnet’ confronts an uncertain romance with an emboldened sense of daring.

The song attempts to embody the dual disciplines of love, both its joy and its strife, using lyrics that contrast thematically, focusing on longing and loneliness in one moment, but then hinting at abuse and violence in another. Necks are snapped, bones are split, hearts are broken.

However, this sombre imagery is not definitive. The instrumental remains peppy and upbeat, with just a slight hint of sadness during the choruses. The ending in particular is lifted by victorious synth brass, whilst marimba and guitar continue to dance around the track’s space. It can be a jarring combination at times, and the array of sounds can be baffling, but there’s righteous vigour behind it.

The energy of FLIIIS’ live shows translates well to this track; they’ve really captured that same showmanship and entertainment. ‘On The Sonnet’ may not be Shakespearean prose, but it’s just as intoxicating.

‘On The Sonnet’ is available on iTunes now here.

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