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TRACK OF THE DAY: Westerman – ‘Mother Song’

With an obvious knack for writing beautiful, distinct, and wonderfully haunting ballads. The latest release from Westerman draws a slightly different approach forward, making ‘Mother Song’ all the more enchanting upon its gossamer caress.

With ‘Mother Song’, we see Westerman heading in a far more minimalist direction than on his previous tracks. Where once there would be intricately woven melody on melody, here we have only sparse guitar parts. This leads our focus to be drawn solely upon the wonderful, echoing vocal. The words ‘I wanna bathe you in the morning light’ sound like they are dipped in sunshine.

Westerman is prolific in writing soothing and powerful pieces of modern-folk, and singing them in tones which are distinctive and bewitching. ‘Mother Song’, the final single to be lifted from his ‘Harvard EP’, is a hidden gem.

Westerman’s debut EP ‘Harvard’ is out now. 

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George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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