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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sleepovers – ‘I Wanna Be In LA’

Sleepovers arrive at a time when Brit-pop is making a comeback, with bands like DMA‘s and Peace renewing the genre for a new generation. The London band’s sophomore release ‘I Wanna Be In LA’ is a four-minute-long indie stomp, complete with Stone Roses’ slacker swagger and the quintessentially British charm of Blur.

The new cut provides a continuation of the storyline that started on debut ‘I Am Me & You Are You’, which saw the break up of a relationship. Now we see the situation escalate with his ex running off to LA, leaving him left stranded in London, and resistant to let her go, he desperately desires to follow suit: “I wanna wake up to palm tree’s…I wanna be in LA.”

It is still early days for Sleepovers but with two impressive songs to date, they’re showing great promise and skill in their output. Only time will tell if that same proficiency will take them beyond Dalston, here’s hoping.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore

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