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Tradition and heritage remain the pillars of folk music, substance takes precedence over style. Where storytelling is king and subtle acoustics stand strong against the steeliness of an emotive vocal, artist’s like EDGES (aka. Sami Simon) are cherished deeply. His new single ‘Walk Away’ is the minor-key lullaby that offers reassurance when all else fails.

The song traces a longing and hopefulness for new pastures, of a city kid that yearns for the rustic charm of the countryside. Although a mournfulness is still present resting tightly beneath wistful pedal steel and lingering reflection, an aura of warmth and the promise of better times prevails. This is a sumptuous listen, full of feeling. Dig deep.

‘Walk Away’ is the first single to be lifted off EDGES’ debut EP, due for release this Autumn.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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